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Kyle Morris, Production Engineering Manager

Stephanie has been great to work with and an excellent resource to help with my job search and to prepare me for job opportunities and interviews. It has been a privilege to work with Stephanie!

Mike Valmonte, Business Analyst

Stephanie's work as a job placement coach is excellent. She quickly assesses the strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement of her clients, makes sure that progress is made by following up and going out of her way to meet with her clients to provide coaching and address concerns.

Surely, Stephanie's dedication, professionalism, coaching skills and virtues made all the difference in my successful career search!

Celeste Combs,  Senior Design Manager

Stephanie is an amazing, caring and detail-oriented recruiter. She thoroughly dug into my background, experience and qualifications and really connected with the skills and value I can add to a team. She also provided great coaching on interviewing which made a big difference!

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